Thanks to all our customers for the support in 2009

Thanks to all our customers for the support in 2009

A Christmas message

Redbay Boats would like to extend it’s best wishes to all it’s customers and suppliers over the Christmas period.

In 2009 we built 39 boats, everyone bespoke, detailed by our customers to their exacting specifications. Without your support none of this would be possible and we are very grateful.

Redbay customers are a special breed they are rarely new to boating and are always definite in what they want. We take great pleasure in building boats which are very personal and commissioned based on an aspiration to own something very special.

We have attached a few photos which represent a snapshot of what happend in 2009. Unfortuantely it is not possible to include every boat.

We will have a new website with a member forum up and running in 2010 so we hope to see you back then.


2009 in photos

1050 on trialls at Torr Head

RSG Rescue Boat


MYIA FFLUR, 2009 saw the cockpit return to the SF11

another cockpit 11 for Venture West, the latest island ferry


Barry and Joan Adamson on Jenny Wren


Our New Van (Eddie’s travelling billboard)

Gigha Seatours


MACBEL, before it headed off to work the Corrib gas fields

oops!!! Michael what have you done(out of the photo there is a bride caught up in the traffiic jam, she is now late for church)

La Duchess Anne before it leaves for Jersey

Iron Bark commissioned by Damian Convery

Whale of a Time before she headed to Cork

Tom and Cathy visit the Budimex orphanage in July


Posted: 23 Decmber 2009

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