Thalassa the latest Expedition 8.4 makes a few new friends at it’s home in Gigha

Thalassa the latest Expedition 8.4 makes a few new friends at it’s home in Gigha


‘Thalassa’ derived from the ancient Greek for ‘sea’ is the lastest Stormforce 8.4 Expedition with a few very interesting tweaks. Thalassa was commissioned by Mr Don Dennis of Gigha Seatours or Don from the ‘big house’ as most visitor’s to Gigha know him. Don decided to replace his much larger catmmaran with something more manageable and more fuel efficient. Being a previous Stormforce owner the decision was simple the only difficulty being which model in the range would best suit his requirements.

Don wanted a boat that could he could operate single handed and a boat that he could use for sightseeing trips without the dependancy of a full complement of passengers to cover his costs. With Thalassa he can run around the island with up to10 passengers but on the days that he has only 2 at least he can cover running expenses. The boat will also be used as a water taxi to and from Gigha and further afield and it will be available for booking all year around.

As mentioned earlier Thalassa has some very modern twists. The first and most significant being the the passenger comfort, Don put a lot of thought into this and after some serious deliberation he opted for the Ullman Dynamic Suspension pod coupled to Skydex Marine Flooring. Both Ullman and Skydex are world leaders in the field of shock mittigation, speciallising in military and serious commercial applications. It is a real experience and if you get the chance to take a trip on the Gigha Seatours boat you will feel the benefits first had.

Navigation was also a an area that Don researched heavily, for someone looking for cutting edge technology there is only one logical choice in the marketplace at present, the new touchscreen plotters from Garmin. Thalassa has been fitted with two 5000 series touchscreen plotters coupled to the Gramin HD radar. the whole system is just amazing. the vessel is aloso rigged with two IRIS cameras one watching the aft deck and a forward looking FLIR camera deisgned to pick up markers buoys etc. at night.

To assist the operator with docking operations the vessel was alos rigged with an outside steering postion controlled by joystick through the autopilot, another feature unique to the Expedition 8.4

If you are in the vicinity it is well worth booking a trip on Thalsssa.

All the team at Redbay Boats would like to wish Don all the best with his new boat .

External seating for 6 persons



Ullman Seating mounted on the Skydex shock absortent floor

Aft bulkhead with remote steering/docking position


On Thalassa’s first outing at it’s new home in Gigha it made some new friends, I think that you would agree that the photos taken by Don are spectacular. For more information visit the website at

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