Stormforce 6.5 Waterjet

Stormforce 6.5 Waterjet


Our latest launch is a jet powered 6.5 for Foyle Search & Rescue who operate on the River Foyle in Derry. FS&R currently operate three jet powered Redbay’s, a 7.4 cabin, a 6.5, and a 6.1. the new boat will replace their 6.1.

The new 6.5 is based on our standard hull but with a raised flange and floor to give a self-draining deck and to do away with the need for deck bilge pumps.

The internal layout is based on our 850 jet built for the Port of London Authority. The console forms part of the engine box which opens side ways to give access to the engine and gearbox. Access to the jet is through a large deck hatch. The engine box provides a crew seating area and working area. Forward of the engine box is a large clear area for working with casualties.

Power comes from a Yanmar 4BY3-180 diesel engine through a ZF63-A gearbox, to a Hamilton HJ241 waterjet. This combination provides instant power and a top speed of just under  30 knots. Electronics consist of a Raymarine C125 chartplotter with two i50 repeater units, and a Garmin 100i VHF. The boat is built to the new rescue boat code and will go into operation during the first week of September. We would like to wish FS&R all the best with their new boat and hope they are not too busy during the City of Culture year.



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