Stormforce 6.5 Hyundai Diesel

Stormforce 6.5 Hyundai Diesel

The latest Stormforce 6.5 to be launched is the first Redbay fitted with one of the new light weight diesel engines from Hyundai. These engines are both light weight and robust, as well as having a very commercial feel to them.

This boat is fitted with the 250hp version and a Bravo one sterndrive. This engine only weighs 336kg. During the first seatrial the boat acheived a top speed of 44 knots and rose quickely to the plane with no turbo lag and cruises easily at 30 knots @3000rpm.

Redbay Boats will be appointed the Irish distributor for the complete range of Hyundai sterndrive engines which includes, 120, 170, and 250hp, all fitted with Mercruiser legs. Adaptor plates are also available to enable them to be fitted to Yamaha legs.

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