Round Ireland 2013

Round Ireland 2013


Skerryvore, our Suzuki powered 950, was one of only two RIBs to complete the Round Ireland in the planned time. Twenty six RIBs set out for the 900 mile trip, due to bad weather a number of the boats decided on a few rest days. Skerryvore completed each of the planned days and finished back in Kilmore Quay on Saturday the 3rd of August. The boat was a standard 950 fitted with 22” tubes, a new wider console was designed to provide more mounting surfaces for the multi plotters/equipment and also to provide more protection for the crew. The seating consisted of four Scot Seats, two standard pods, and a front locker seat. The console featured a high screen with grab bars and a centre twin pole radar mount with navigation lights and aerials. On the stern we mounted a stainless steel frame with a centre tow bollard. On the Sunday run to Bangor, Skerryvore towed a RIB from Kilkeel to Redbay, a distance of seventy miles at an average speed of 24 knots.

The 300hp Suzuki pushed the boat to a top speed of 39 knots with economical cruising at 26 knots. Each day of the event the boat carried different crew members including Jonathan from Scot Seats, Barry Staunton from RS Marine, Richard, Donegal Danny, Mark Steve and Rob from Suzuki, Tom and Conor from Redbay, and even Mike Deacon had a go. The boat completed the trip without a fault except for a broken screen bolt.

The 950 is now in the UK at the Suzuki headquarters in Milton Keynes for a service, then onto the dry stack in Southampton. She will be on the MRL/Redbay stand at the Southampton boat show, where the crew will be in attendance. For a day-to-day report on the Round Ireland, visit . The boat will be available for demos after the show and will then be sold off.

We would like to thank everyone who helped make the boat/challenge such a success, especially the Suzuki team, Scot Seats, Simrad, Navico.

Come along and meet the team in Southampton 13-22nd September.

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