Redbay Oarsman 17

Redbay Oarsman 17


Redbay Boats have a long history of building rowing boats stemming back to the late 70’s when we built our wooden clinker built boats.

Our first introduction into fibreglass boats was building two 26ft 4-man rowing gigs from a mould of a wooden boat. In the mid 80’s we even rowed one of these gigs from the Mull of Kintyre to Redbay in under four hours. Over the years we developed some pure rowing boats for single or double oars. Our latest rowing boat, the Oarsman 17 has been developed from a wooden boat built in the 1890’s and still on the Isle of Jura. A number of years ago we were asked to build a fibreglass version of the wooden boat. This 1890 version was built when there were no engines and so the boat had to be easily rowed.

We now have five of these boats on Jura and they are raced in the annual regatta on the first Saturday in August every year. With interest steadily growing in rowing we developed a fibreglass gunwale and seat mould. There are now six based in Cushendall and so we decided to hold a rowing regatta, the first in the area since 1987. Sunday the 4th of August was the date chosen and with eight boats on the starting line a good days sport was had by all! Next year we plan a full day of rowing and a Scottish race with the Jura boats.

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