Redbay Boats Ardbeg Trip 2015

Redbay Boats Ardbeg Trip 2015

Back by popular demand on Saturday the 5th of September is the Redbay Boats Ardbeg Trip!

This year’s event  will be extra special as we are celebrating 200 years of Ardbeg Whiskey and 50 years of Suzuki outboard motors, the TEAM REDBAY engine of choice.

Redbay Boats annual RIB trip to Islay and the Ardbeg Whiskey Distillery will take place on Saturday the 5th of September 2015. This is open to all RIB owners. It is a fun day out cruising to the island of Islay with the company of other boats and home via Rathlin Island.

The plan is to:

  • Depart Redbay at 10.00/10:30 and head for Islay
  • Lunch in Ardbeg at 12.30 – 14.00.  Full menu available (Pay staff)
  • Arrive in Rathlin at 16.00/16.30
  • Arrive back in Redbay at 18.30/19.00
  • Music and a BBQ to celebrate 50 yeas of Suzuki Outboard Motors from 20.00

It is essentail that all participants register in advance. Contact our office on 028 2177 1331 or email to register.

It is the responsibility of the skipper to ensure:

  • The vessel has the correct insurance cover
  • All crew have the proper waterproof clothing and safety gear… lifejackets to be worn at all times
  • That kill switches are worn at all times
  • That the vessel has sufficient fuel to complete the trip
  • That he has the appropriate navigational information to complete the trip unassisted

Redbay Boats carry no responsibility for any crew or their craft and that said responsibility falls onthe owner/skipper of each vessel.

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