Stormforce 8.4 – Canopy

Stormforce 8.4 – Canopy

The Redbay Stormforce 8.4 Canopy Mark II has been developed from the Expedition Hardtop version and features the same hull and deck moulding as the Expedition, but has a Lexan Wrap Around screen and removable canopy. The canopy version retains the same excellent safety and comfort values, but has the flexibility of open-air cruising when the weather permits, along with full protection when it doesn’t.


The Redbay Stormforce 8.4 was originally developed from the 7.4 model for the RNLI. The 8.4 is widely regarded as having exceptional performance in offshore conditions.

The 8.4 is available in many configurations, one of the most popular being the Wrap Around Console with canopy version, fitted with 6 pod seats. This version is favoured serious cruisers, and is normally fitted with a diesel sterndrive.

The 8.4 is also available with open consoles, wrap around consoles and cabin versions and can be powered by outboard or sterndrive. 8.4s have also been built with twin waterjet installations.

The Stormforce range continues to grow and we thank your support.  Having studied range details below, should you have any questions whatsoever please do not hesitate to get in touch.


The 8.4 is based on the classic Redbay design of a deep V prismatic hullform, combined with spray rails for additional lift. This combination gives exceptional ride and comfort in rough conditions without compromising the performance of the hull. The hull is manufactured from GRP.

Standard Equipment

  • Stainless Steel Fuel Tank
  • Treadmaster (anti-wear patches)
  • Handles/Lifelines
  • Heavy Duty D Fender
  • Automatic Bilge Pump
  • Navigation Lights
  • Anchor Locker
  • Bow & Stern eyes
  • Foot pump & repair kit

Canopy version includes:

  • Wrap around console
  • Screen
  • Complete canopy
  • 4 POD Seats
  • Console mounted Stainless Steel
  • A-Frame

Optional Extras

  • Console Cover
  • Overall Cover
  • Cruising Canopy
  • Removable Back Seat
  • Hydraulic Steering
  • Extra D Fendering & cladding
  • Bow fairleads
  • Foot loops
  • Flare boxes & holders
  • Extra Bilge Pumps
  • Self-righting A-Frame
  • Engine bay mounted seat
  • Anchor, rope & chain
  • Stern rails
  • Stern platform
  • Engine bay lights
  • Console lights
  • Audio systems
  • Electronic packages
  • Internal Heating
  • Hard nose & bow roller
  • Bow deck & bow roller
  • etc

Design Data


  • Length Overall:   8.40 metres
  • Beam Overall:   2.77 metres
  • Internal Length:   7.35 metres
  • Internal Beam:   1.55 metres
  • Max Hp:   300 Hp
  • CE Category:  B

Video coming soon.


Seating Options Include: Pod Seats, Ullman Suspension Seats or KAAB Suspension Seats


Additional engine bay lid bench seating available. Permanently fixed or removable

Removable heavy duty cover can be customised to suit the customers specification and can be made in most colours


Various non-slip deck finishes available including teak and treadmaster


Powder- Coated Stainless Steel Work


Stormforce 8.4 Canopy is Generally Fitted with a single Inboard diesel


Using advanced CAD programs we can work closely with our customers to design a boat around them, to suit their specification.