Stormforce 650

Stormforce 6.1 Open

The Stormforce 650 is one of the most innovative RIBs produced by Redbay so far. The design came from a need for a standardised RIB of around 6.5 metres that could be built quicker, lighter and to a superior and consistent finish.


The Stormforce range continues to grow and we thank your support.  Having studied range details below, should you have any questions whatsoever please do not hesitate to get in touch.


The 650 has one of the best handling hulls in its class, and can easily out-perform larger rival RIBs in rough weather. Although the basic hull is that of the Stormforce 6.5, the 650 features a redesigned bow and sheer line.


The RIB is ideally suited to the performance offered by todays modern outboards, and is available in packages of either single or twin installations.


The 650 features a fully moulded internal deck, which gives a fresh clean appearance, and is easy to maintain. The RIB features a standard 4 seater side by side console and bow locker. The deck can be either finished in our quality non-slip coating or in tek-deck.

Design Data

  • Length Overall: 6.50 metres
  • Beam Overall: 2.70 metres
  • Internal Length: 5.46 metres
  • Internal Beam: 1.60 metres
  • Max Recommended Load: 1000 kg
  • Max Recommended Persons: 8
  • Hull Weight: 710 kg (excluding engines etc.)
  • Max Recommended Engine Power: 168 kW / 225 hp
  • Tube Diameter: 460 / 560 mm
  • Tube Material: Hypalon
  • Design Category: B

General Arrangements

Drawing No. Layout Description Engine(s) Download Link
SF6.5/02/1 Side-Side Console (2 Seat) Sterndrive Download SF6.5/02/1
SF6.5/03/1 Side-Side Console (4 Seat) Outboard Download SF6.5/03/1
SF6.5/03/3 Side-Side Console (4 Seat), Self-Righting Kit Outboard Download SF6.5/03/3
SF6.5/04/1 Wrap Around Console Outboard Download SF6.5/04/1
SF6.5/04/2 Wrap Around Console, A-Frame Outboard Download SF6.5/04/2
SF6.5/05/1 Delta Config Seating Outboards Download SF6.5/05/1
SF6.5/05/2 Side-Side Console, Dive Bottle Rack Outboard Download SF6.5/05/2
SF6.5/05/3 Side-Side Console, Self-Righting Outboards Download SF6.5/05/3
SF6.5/06/1 Inline Console, extra Pods Outboards Download SF6.5/06/1
SF6.5/06/2 Inline Console Outboards Download SF6.5/06/2
SF6.5/06/3 Dublin Fire Authority Outboards Download SF6.5/06/3
SF6.5/06/4 Inline Console, 2 Pods, Stern Box Outboard Download SF6.5/06/4
SF6.5/06/5 Inline Console, Dive Bottle Rack Outboard Download SF6.5/06/5
SF6.5/08/2 Patrol Console (High Version), 4 Pods Outboards Download SF6.5/08/2

Additional bench seating available. Permanently fixed or removable

Various non-slip deck finishes available including teak and treadmaster


Powder-coated stainless steel work

Twin and single outboard options