Stormforce 1650


The 1650 is the largest model in our range and whilst it was primarily created as a pilot boat, it can be equally suited to be a rescue craft, police/coastguard patrol boat, wind farm support vessel or with our new extended wheelhouse and more luxurious interior, the ultimate “go anywhere” charter/leisure craft.

Unlike many vessels of this size which have rounded aft underwater sections, the 1650 has a definitive deep-V hull with a 23- Degree deadrise and a very pronounced upswept bow that dominates the crafts appearance. It also has plenty of lift, which is essential to prevent burying the craft in extreme sea states.


The wide beam of the 1650 allows room for a wider wheelhouse and more space below deck, which in turn helps with the lateral stability of the boat. Compared to other vessels of this size, the wheelhouse is very spacious, leaving options for numerous seating arrangements; there’s space for up to 8 Suspension seats with 2 bench seating and a removable table towards the rear of the cabin.

Our carefully laid out dashboard with the most up-to-date electronics package is ergonomically designed so that the helm has clear view of the navigation instruments.

Underneath the dashboard is access to companionway steps leading down to spacious living quarters with full standing head height. This space can be fitted with a toilet, galley and a long bench seat with a large dining table. In front of this space is another cabin with four bunk beds offering accommodation facilities for four people.

Aft of the living quarters is our machinery space which is divided into 3 compartments, each sealed with watertight bulkhead doors. The compartments include, fuel tank space, gear box room and engine room. Each room had ample head room with generous working space around the engine and gear box due to the 1650s wide beam.

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The Pilot Cabin layout is totally customisable to meet the specific requirements of your specific operational requirements. Redbay Stormforce Cabins have been chosen for a wide range of applications such as:

  • Patrol
  • Police
  • Passenger Boats & Sea-Safari Rides
  • Rescue
  • Survey
  • Leisure


The propulsions are led by two 500hp diesel inboards connected by a Carden shaft to ZF V-Drive gearboxes with the drive running aft to the propellers. The larger engine bay of the 1650 can accommodate larger engines and with a pair of 1000 hp Scania diesels, where speeds of up to 40 knots can be achieved. Water jet propulsion is also an option.

1650 Passenger Ferry


A passenger version has been developed and a new mould has been made for the superstructure, with the aim to provide a concept mainly for inter-island work. Provision is made for up to 35 passengers in comfortable seating, with a toilet compartment at main deck level and the wheel house mounted above with space for the helm and navigator.

With the 1650s full head height and spacious below decks, the mechanical compartments are easily accessible for maintenance. Towards the bow of the boat, stairs lead down to a large storage area with space for passenger luggage and a spacious galley area making this vessel perfect for sight seeing tours

Fly-Bridge 1650


From our hugely successful 1650 pilot boat, we began to develop a leisure version of our 16 meter; we decided to design a flybridge version of our passenger cabin. with integrated steps leading up to a spacious flybridge helm position with seating for up to 3 people and a bench seat with room for a folding table. The Flybridge position can be fitted with a removable canopy which gives you the protection if the weather turns. The fully guarded railed the deck gives the crew a great sense of security when walking around the boat.

The interior of the boat can be fully customised and with the space of the large cabin, any arrangement is possible. The design of the interior will include all the luxuries such as sleeping up to 6 people, a spacious living area with an “L” shaped Galley, a large wraparound bench seat and 2 full head height cabins below deck. All of these makes the boat the ultimate cruising vessel.

1650/15m Open Boat

World Open RIB Challenge

This concept was first arose when a customer contacted us looking for a boat with great sea going capabilities to try and break the record for an open boat round the world challenge. The design developed to include seating for 6 people inside a large open cabin with a toughened wraparound screen. Below deck are spacious living quarters with plenty of storage areas for provisions. Propulsion is lead by twin 1000hp engines pushing a top speed of 40 knots.

Design Data

Length Overall: 16.50 metres

Waterline Length: 13.70 metres

Beam Overall: 4.79 metres

Waterline Beam: 3.89 metres

Draft: 1.10 meters

Displacement: 17-20 tonnes

Design Category: B


Stormforce 1650m can be fitted with any engine arrangement including:

Twin Inboard Diesels with Rudder and Shaft Arrangement

Triple Inboard Diesel Sterndrives/ Water Jets


Interior Options


Our current 1650 Patrol cabin has a foot print of 12m squared making it very versatile for many seating arrangements. Our Pilot boat arrangement includes 8 Suspension Seats with 2 Rear bench seats.

Our Passenger layout can take up to 12 passengers plus 2 crew with a Toilet and a Galley at the rear of the cabin.


We are currently developing a passenger cabin for our 1650 it features a flybridge helm position and will have space for up to 20 passengers.


Spacious crew quarters below decks with a Galley fitted with a Fridge, Cooking Hob, Microwave etc.

A full GRP toilet cubical with fresh water toilet and hot water taps


Mechanical Options


The 1650 has 3 main mechanical compartments below decks each sealed with water tight doors. The engines and gearboxes are very easy to work at with the well laid out space.


Propulsion can be lead by a number of options. Our most popular is twin 500hp diesel engines linked to ZF Gear boxes pushing the boat to a top speed of 25 knots.


The 1650 can take up to  twin 1000hp engines


The 1650 can be fitted with two 750 litre fuel tanks

Belfast 3

Using advanced CAD programs we can work closely with our customers to design a boat around them, to suit their specification.

Passenger 2