Stormforce 11m – Touring


The Stormforce 11 is the flagship in our range, and offers the best that RIBs can offer. The 11 was a natural development from the 9.1, due to customer demand for a larger RIB. Puffin Dive Centre in Oban took the first two boats out of the mould for their operations on the West Coast of Scotland. Since then, the 11 has developed and continued to grow in its popularity; every 11m RIB is unique and customised according to the customer’s requirements.

The Cabin version is what we would consider the ultimate for offshore cruising. The latest generation is fully decked – truly unique among Ribs The Full GRP Cabin is fitted with Seaglaze toughened marine grade safety windows. In terrible conditions offshore it is reassuring to know that you have the fantastic seakeeping of the 11m hull underneath you, with the safety and comfort of a cabin. Arrive at your destination warm, dry and relaxed, having experienced the joy of what has been termed “the finest RIB available today”.


The Touring Cabin differs from our standard cabin in that there is a raised section at the aft end of the cabin. This serves several purposes. Firstly, it allows us to fit a full swing door instead of the gangway style door on the other versions. Secondly, there is a much larger internal volume ideal for customisation.

One layout features a two level interior. The interior floor continues at the same height as the deck when you enter the cabin. A galley and toilet/shower cubical is fitted on this level. Steps then take you down into the main cabin. Access is provided under the raised area, and this creates an absolutely massive dry storage area. The main cabin can then be laid out to any required format, such as 4 KAB seats and 2 side benches.

Another configuration of the Touring Cabin is having the cabin all at the same normal floor level. Two large storage racks are then placed above the Galley and Toilet cubicle, easily within reach as you enter the main door. The Touring Cabin version offers plenty of options for customisation of the interior.

Fitout can be completed with Teak & Holly flooring, and many customers specify custom bespoke Red Cherry paneling and furniture. Decks can be finished with either our High Grade Non-Slip surface or Tek-Deck

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The Stormforce range continues to grow and we thank your support.  Having studied range details below, should you have any questions whatsoever please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Design Data

Length Overall: 11.00 metres

Waterline Length: 9.42 metres

Beam Overall: 3.31 metres

Waterline Beam: 2.70 metres

Draft: 0.50 meters

Displacement: 5-6 tonnes

Design Category: B


Stormforce 11m can be fitted with any engine arrangement including:

  • Twin Inboard Diesel Sterndrives

  • Twin Outboards

  • Twin Inboard Jets


With the 11 metres large cabin, the seating arrangement can be full customisable

to suit the customers specification. Our most popular layout is 4 suspension seats

with 2 long rear bench seats


Full GRP toilet room, which can double as a wet room. With options for shower facilities


Our latest build had us putting a flat bow on our 11m with a bow door so that passengers can board from a bow berth


An outer Steering position can be fitted for more visibility when docking

teak deaks 2

Using advanced 3D CAD Software we can model any boat to any spec which allows the customer to tweak the design of the boat to their liking

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