New Stormforce 950 Wheelhouse RIB

New Stormforce 950 Wheelhouse RIB

The Redbay custom house has once again produced a bespoke RIB for their existing customer, The Port of London Authority. This is the second vessel that the Co.Antrim company has produced for the port in the past 18 months and this vessel will be used as a crew transfer vessel in the Thames Estuary.

The confuigurationof the new vessel ‘Benfleet’  is quite different from the PLA’s previous vessel ‘Gunfleet’ which was delivered back in 2012. The exsisting boat was an 850 open deck RIB with a Hamilton waterjet. This current vessel is powered by the  same ultra tough Yanmar 6LP but instead is propelled by the Mercruise Bravo 3 stern-drive.

The new boat is fitted with and pilot house which accomodates 8 x Scot KPM shock seats and fully satisfies the requirement of MGN 436 (which deals with WHOLE BODY VIBRATION and offers guidance on mitigating against shocks and impacts on small vessels).

In addition the boat is MGN280 category 3 compliant and licensed to carry 10 persons.

The design process was very much led by the PLA engineering team and the craft is tailored to the customers very specific needs. Systems and outfitting are more akin to that found on larger merchant vessels but this level of commitment from Redbay has given  the customer a robust and over engineered product that will provide the levels of reliability required from a vessel working in the harsh and demanding environment of a modern port.

The PLA demand dependable custom craft and Redbay have once again delivered beyond the customer expecation. 


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