New Patrol Vessel

New Patrol Vessel

SF11P as it has been dubbed is one of the most radical vessels that team Redbay have launched in quite a while. The brief was to create a fast pursuit craft that could perform beyond the parameters of traditional waterjet propelled RIBs. The contracting body DCALNI required that the vessel achieve a minimum of 40knots with up to 6 crew in adverse weather conditions whilst still have shallow water capabilities.

To achieve this the Redbay design team worked closely with Elliot Thomas of Hamilton jet to manufacture a hull specifically for waterjet propulsion and the end result is in short ‘startling’. Power is delievered via twin Hamilton 274 waterjets coupled to the Yanmar 6LY3, 440 Hp which deliver crisp acceleration and great top end.

This special custom built hull saw the standard production Stormfotrce 11 modified and during sea-trials the vessel delivered speeds in  excess of 43 knots with ease. 

Hull modifications included:

  • Raising the collar support flanges to reduce the wetted surface area and drag
  • Removing the inner spray rails
  • Adding skegs to give high speed directional stability
  • Removing the now fanous Stormforce hard nose in favour of a a full collar to aid with interception and boarding activities

The fit-out of the vessel was extremely comprehensive and included:

  • 4 x Scot KPM shock mitigating seats
  • Seawinch net and line hauler
  • Dual Lowrance HDS10 plotters with structure scan
  • Broadband radar
  • Galley and standing toilet miodules
  • Victron Multiplus, charging and inverting
  • Fibrelight man overboard recovery
  • Remote search lighting
  • Sea-fire fire suppression systems

The contract also required that the vessel was delivered within a tight 12 week delivery window and again Redbay delivered on time.




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