Gigha welcomes Redbay ribsters

Gigha welcomes Redbay ribsters

Gigha welcomes the Redbay Ribsters

The line-up arriving in Gigha

The forecast was Southwest 5-6 with bright sunshine, the perfect ribbing day according to Tom. With the disappointment of losing our annual Ardbeg trip twice this year fresh in his mind, Tom was not going to let the weater put him off. The invite was left open if you felt up to it!!! come along and we’ll see you on Gigha for lunch.

He was spot on, it was the perfect ribbing day, Strong winds from the southwest were throwing a nice big 15/20 foot atlantic swell into the North Channel and on to the Mull, perfect for playing about in. It is always much nicer when the sun shines as it never seems as rough. The small flotilla of six boats departed Redbay right on time, bound for Gigha, the Ballycastle and the Scottish boats planned to meet us there. The passage took about 1 hour 20 knots with all boats from 6.5 to 11 metre keeping up a very respectable pace of 28 knots. However, once Cara came into sight the adrenlin statred to pump and we had a spritely 35 knot dash to the finish in some very big seas, great fun!

On Gigha we were greeted to a lovely buffet lunch which had been organised by the hotel, after feasting on that and a few light refreshments with our scottish friends it was time to head back across the channel. There were 14 boats in total including Peter from ‘dee RIB raid’ in Donaghdee who had arrived fashionably late as usual. He made a quick 5 minute sprint to the hotel for a G&T (he had never been on Gigha before)and then we were off .

Stopping in Rathlin we visited the Manor House and huddled round a nice coal fire ( these cabins are making us soft), telling stories the carck was good, but alas it was time for home. The Redbay bound boats bid farewell to our Ballycastle and friends before slipping off into the October Dusk.

Team Ballycastle


A great day was had by all, and it just shows with the right boat and a spirit of adventure it is really easy to have a days fun regardless of weather.

Tom and his team would like to thank the following for taking part and hope to see you all again soon.

Fintan McGrady in ‘Lecale’

Paddy McLaughlin in ‘Molly James’

Brian McLister in ‘Bouncer’

Nichol MacKinnon in Shannick

Alastair McLaughlin in ‘Lagavulin’

Sandy Campbell in ‘Ocean Explorer’

Grenville Savage in ‘ Belaroce’

Mike Little in ‘Sula’

Joe Byrne in ‘Bouncer I’

Gareth Henry in ‘Delta Brave’

Colin Faloona in ‘Ribeye’

Peter Giovinoli in his Osprey Viper

and everyone else who came along, it will not be the last time, the format was simple and everyone agreed it was worth doing again.


The Flotilla lined up at the Gigha Pier




A few old faces and a few new


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