Just completed are two 6.1m Jet Boats for Russian client, Ecoshelf. Ecoshelf was established to serve the Russian oil and gas industry, and specializes in providing oil spill response services.

The general purpose RIBs are based on our standard 6.1 hull. In response to the customer’s requirements, both RIBs have been fitted with Hamilton HJ213 waterjet units, the ideal propulsion means for Ecoshelf’s type of work.

Coupled to the Hamiltons are Steyr MO174 Turbo Diesel units, producing around 165hp, with a ZF45A gearboxes. The Steyr engines are very lightweight and well constructed mono-block units. The engine and jet are housed in a custom made engine bay. The RIBs reach speeds of around 35 knots, with the typical response and manoeuvrability accustomed with jet drives.

Forward of the engine bay is a double seat console, with internal storage. Forward is our stand alone bow locker with lid.

For the purposes of lifting the RIBs, four lifting points and lifting straps have been provided. The RIBs have also been fitted with a self-righting system installed on the A-Frame. The A-frame was redesigned to allow for shipment of the RIBs, with the self-righting system being redesigned for the lower frames.

The fitout on the RIBs has been purposely left to a minimum. Thus, electronic packages such as the VHF radio will be retro fitted in Russia, to make importation easier.

The two RIBs have been shipped together in a single 40 foot container to Russia. The package has included two years spare parts and a single trailer.

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