Demo Day

Demo Day




Redbay Boats are holding a demo day on Saturday 16th April. The entire range of Stormforce RIBs will be on display to view and sea trial. A wide range of secondhand boats will also be available for demos.


Below is a list of Stormforce RIBs which can be sea trialed throughout the day:


  • Stormforce 650
  • Stormforce 7.4 Open fitted with 250hp Suzuki outboard
  • Stormforce 850 Open fitted with 315hp Yanmar and Yanmar Sterndrive
  • Stormforce 1050 Open fitted with twin 300hp Suzuki outboards
  • Stormforce 11 Canopy fitted with twin 165hp Yamaha sterndrives
  • Stormforce 11 Cabin fitted with twin 285hp Yamaha sterndrives


If you wish to book a demo on any of these boats please contact our office on 028 2177 1331 or email 



Below is a list of secondhand and ex-demo boats  which will be available to view and sea trial:




  • Stormforce 11 Canopy, twin 165hp Yamaha sterndrives
  • Stormforce 1050, twin 300hp Suzuki outboards, ex-demo
  • Stormforce 850, 315hp Yanmar sterndrive, ex-demo
  • Stormforce 7.4 Cabin, 245hp Yamaha sterndrive
  • Stormforce 6.5, twin 75hp Mariner outboards
  • Stormforce 6.1, 150hp Yamaha outboard
  • Delta 5.5m, 90hp Honda outboard
  • Ribeye 6m, 100hp Yamaha outboard
  • Stormforce 8.4 Canopy, 245hp Yamaha sterndrive – 2 available
  • Stormforce 6.5, 140hp Suzuki outboard
  • 3.3m RIB, 15hp Suzuki outboard


Fishing Boats:


  • Ocqueteau 540, 50hp Mercury outboard
  • Redbay Fastfisher 19, 60hp Suzuki outboard
  • Redbay Fastfisher 166
  • Redbay Fastfisher 159


For more info on any of these secondhand boats or to book a demo please contact our office on 028 2177 1331 or email

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