Cuchulainn – New Stormforce Touring Model

Something very, very special has just happened, and existing Redbay customer Mr Tim Hopkins can be very proud of his new RIB! Cuchulainn, a new Redbay Stormforce 11 has just been launched at Redbay Boats. Cuchulainn is special in everyway, and promises to be one of the most advanced RIBs on the market today.

The RIB is based on the new Stormforce 11"Touring" model. The Touring model features the existing 11m hull, but has a newly revised and developed GRP cabin. Modifications to the cabin have been needed to cater for the increasing demands of both our leisure and commercial customers. This is because Stormforce owners are increasing discovering new things that they could do with a RIB.

To start with, the cabin sides have been widened, to increase the internal volume. This was primarily done for commercial passenger boats to increase space between the seats, but leisure customers will benefit as well. Breather boxes have been added to the stern, which also serve as seating and storage boxes. This is in common with the newest Stormforce versions. The fully decked feature has been retained, and increase the usability and safety of the RIB. The cabin has also been raised aft, and this was to accommodate several features. Previous GRP cabins have been fitted with a top screen aft, and this has been to help increase the protection to passengers wishing to be out on the after deck; the new cabin line serves the same purpose. The new cabin line allows a full height door to be fitted to make access into the main cabin much easier. And then there’s the additional interior space that customers can customise to their needs, such as a flybridge or bunks. Finally, the new cabin lines have been tweaked and refined in several areas.

In Cuchulainn, a raised landing has been added when one walks in through the main door. Under this, a massive stowage area has been made. The good bits, though, are on the top of the landing. To port, a galley has been fitted, with a combined gas stove and sink, but enough room is available for a gimbling stove if so required. To starboard, a voluminous "wet room" been fitted, with full standing headheight! This includes a toilet, heated shower and drop down sink.

Forward in the cabin, Cuchulainn has been laid out in existing trends, with four KAB air suspension seats and two large sofas, all with storage underneath. In the bow, the usual double berth has also been retained.

In terms of fitout, Cuchulainn boasts one of the most comprehensive specifications of any RIB yet built by Redbay:

  • Raymarine Multifunctional Navigation Display
  • Raymarine Autopilot
  • ICOM VHF Radio
  • Navman Fishfinder
  • Clipper Navtex
  • CD Sound System
  • Bennett Trim Tabs
  • Bennett Engine Bay Lid rams
  • Sea Compass
  • Internal Heating
  • LED mood and night lights
  • KAB Suspension Seats
  • Electric Flush Toilet
  • Heated Shower
  • Stove and Sink
  • Teak & Holly Flooring
  • Cherry Wood panel lining
  • Automatic Windlass

And then the engines – what a purrrfect setup! Cuchulainn is the first Redbay to be fitted with two of Yamaha’s new ME432 Diesel sterndrives, giving 315hp each (total installed power = 630hp). Not only that, but each engine features Yamaha’s new twin propeller hydradrive leg units, meaning Cuchulainn has outstanding grip and acceleration on the water. The latter is particularly impressive given the additional weight of the new cabin design. The engines are absolutely superb in everyway, and have proven to be a perfect match for the Stormforce 11 hull. Performance on initial seatrails was around 40 knots.


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