Stormforce 6.1 ‘Gina’

Stormforce 6.1 ‘Gina’


The latest 6.1 which was launched this week is for a long standing Redbay customer, Peter O’Neill. Peter bought his first Redbay boat almost 25 years ago. Back then it was a Fastfisher 21 quickely followed by a Fastfisher 24 commercial boat which he used for trawling.

Peter then moved into RIBs with a 6.1 outboard and then into a diesel cabin 7.4. A fully coded 8.4 Expedition passenger carrying RIB was next which Peter uses as a sight seeing boat taking trips along the Causeway Coast.

This lastest 6.1 is to be used for pleasure use while the 8.4 remains the work boat.

Fitted with a four seater console, internal stainless steel fuel tank, Suzuki DF100 4-stroke outboard, and Garmin electronics. The boat is named after a nine year old girl in an orphanage in Bogota, Colombia. Gina drew the design for the name tags. Peter and his daughter have been supporting this orphanage.

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