Redbay Stormforce 900 ICE

Redbay Stormforce 900 ICE


One very exciting product delivered in 2012 which never got the exposure that it deserved was the Redbay 900 ICE fast pursuit craft.

The boat was commissioned by Mr Mark Blythe a private customer for expeditionary use from his holiday home in the Outer Hebridies. Mark said ‘I want a go anywhere craft that can tackle the worst of the North Atlantic can throw at it in real comfort’.

To that end the Stormforce 850 hull was the perfect choice with its deep V, high sheer and extended forefoot it cuts through the waves effortlessly. Not content having sourced the best hull that he could find Mark embarked on a project of discovery to find the best and most comfortable seating platform. As many of you are ware shock mitigation is a big thing in RIBs nowadays and Mark researched all the product offerings both domestic and international. On conclusion of his research Mark settled for the Shockwave ® ICE full suspension console which is manufactured in Canada.

The Shockwave ICE Integrated Control Environment is a multi axis vibration dampening suspension system for high speed craft. The ICE provides 400 mm (16”) of suspension travel in the vertical axis and approximately 3 degrees of pitch and roll dampening. Pitch and roll control filters out much of the ‘side to side’ and ‘fore and aft’ shock and vibration which single axis units cannot achieve.

The close crew proximity of the ICE provides a collaborative, high situational awareness, protected environment. It is easier to see and operate controls and electronics because they move with the occupants. The ICE is capable of absorbing shock and vibration forces that could cause problems with electronics and hardware in other installations, however with everything in suspension they are fully protected along with the crew

Combining these two great products from Redbay and Shockwave has resulted in the production of a phenomenal craft which certainly complies with the original design remit ‘ to create a go anywhere craft’

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