Stormforce 6.1 Fastfisher

Stormforce 6.1 Fastfisher

The 6.1 version was developed to make RIB fishing available to a wider range of people. Our existing, well tested and proven 6.1 hull, has been combined with a simple yet effective cuddy style cabin. The elements are no longer a problem for fishing!

The Stormforce range continues to grow and we thank you for your support.  Having studied range details below, should you have any questions whatsoever please do not hesitate to get in touch

    The RIBFISHER has been one of the most radical developments of our well proven 6.1. It has a great reputation for  the on the water  stability both  at rest and underway, it is also excellent in rougher sea conditons offering a dry and safe ride.  These charachteristics make it the perfect choice for both angling and light commercial duties.


    The spacious cuddy is fitted with two full swivel seats, and a side mounted helm console. There is also an additional seat forward and an anchor locker, with storage space underneath. Aft, the RIB has been left totally clear to maximise space as a fishing platform.


    The RIB 6.1 Fastfisher is typically fitted with an outboard to maximise deck space. Heavy duty fabric tubes are additionally covered with thick layers of rubber to provide plenty of protection from any stray hooks or knives.


    Of course the application of the 6.1 Fastfisher isn’t just limited to fishing; it would be equally at home as a small workboat or a small cruising RIB.

    It’s not until you actually go afloat in the Stormforce Fast Fisher that you get the true angle on what it’s all about: simply the safest, most comfortable and most exhilarating way of putting yourself over fish...they are every bit as good as GRP boats and far and away excel in the remainder, particularly comfort of ride in conditions that would see conventional boats creeping home with the throttle pegged right back. Phill
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