Bouncer is back!!

Bouncer is back!!

Many of you loyal Redbay fans will know of Brian McLister and his exploits. Brian is Stormforce 11 owner that went from Ballycastle (Northern Ireland) to Bergen in Norway and back again in a record 8 days, who has made countless assaults on St Kilda, who thinks nothing of clocking up 500 miles in a weekend and who is always planning the next adventure.

This latest launch is in fact the fourth Redbay Stormforce that Brian has commissioned and without a shadow of a doubt the most sophisticated and capable yet.

Brain uses his boats with his son Paul who is a wheelchair user and to that end all their boats have been customised to suit Paul’s needs. This latest boat brings that level of customisation to a whole new level, apart from being the largest to date it is first to allow Paul to carry out operations from port to port.

Probably the most significant enhancement has been the introduction on this craft of the new Yanmar JCS (Joystick Control System), this allows Paul to helm the boat and carry out the tricky manoeuvres around the base port marina of Ballycastle and it will also allow him to dock at any destination harbour, something Paul found tricky in the past.

Paul’s input was key in the design and build of an operator console that has been tailored to his exact ergonomic requirements. All critical controls fall easy to hand and he has the option to control the vessel either by joystick or with traditional steering wheel and binnacle control. All the controls systems are fly-by-wire so they are feather light and amazingly the vessel can also be driven via Ipad.

At 12 metres and with a new after deck canopy the boat has ample space for  to move around and with some of the previous Redbay innovations including side access ramps and an electro hydraulic access platform Paul can board and disembark with ease. The extra length also provides ample space for a toilet, galley and seating for up to 12. in addition the aft bench seats double as cot berths something Brian believes is key on longer expeditionary style trips as people do not need to go below decks for a snooze.

Fuel tank capacity has been increased from a1300 litres to 1800 litres greatly increasing the cruising range and with twin Yanmar 8LV-370’s Bouncer is no slouch pushing up to a max speed of 40 knots with ease. 

The only question left to ask is ‘where will Brian go next?’.

Team Redbay would like to wish the McLister family the best of luck with the new ‘Bouncer’.

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